Monday, February 18, 2008

Cringe Worthy Conversation

While forcing the Tiny Terrorists to hang up the mountain of their laundry that I've spent all day washing.

(Super Girl putting a cute pink shirt adorned with cherries on a hanger.)
Super Girl: What a cute shirt, cherries. Anybody want my cherry? *laughing*
Cabbage Patch: *laughing* Cherries! Cherries! Who wants to eat my cherries?
Me: *CRINGE! CRINGE!* Okay enough, just hang up your clothes.

And then my head just exploded from the sheer unsettling jolt of the two sentences that had just been expelled from my progenies lips. The only thing that gave me the strength to gather all the pieces of my brain that had been scattered about the room and upon the ceiling fan was the knowledge that they had no fucking clue of the risque' nature of what they had just uttered.

I think I lost 10 years off my life right then. Does anyone know of a nice Jewish Convent I can send my daughters to?

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