Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Quite As Planned

So today was to be the chocolate cake contest thing, right? I bake my cakes - 4 layers to make two cakes, and I make a double batch of chocolate buttercream icing. I pack all cakes and icing into an old backpack I boosted from Supergirl and head to the store.

At the store I discover a couple of things - one my pans are not 8 inch pans and two my oven must not be heating evenly so the cakes aren't even, neither problem is really an issue. I get the knife I use to cut cakes and to even them out when necessary. And THIS is where things start going not quite as planned.

I start cutting across my cake to even it out, one hand on top to hold it still and the other on the knife. I'm doing fine, then suddenly the knife slips and I cut my finger. Not bad really, I just stare at it for about 30 seconds in disbelief and wonder as I wait to see if it's actually going to bleed. It does, I put on a band aid, wash my hands and head back to finish the cake. Icing goes fine, it looks FABULOUS and tasty. On to next cake.

Spring Form Disaster

Apparently my spring form pans hate me. I've made all of the test cakes in these pans and never ever had a problem getting my cakes out. But then I wasn't actually AT the contest so of course they were perfect then. Not today. The sides snapped right off but the cake stayed adhered to the bottom and I had to get a spatula to separate it from the bottom. I get it though and it's not damaged much. I put frosting on the cake and pry off the second cake from it's bottom. I have much less luck with this one and it breaks in three jagged pieces - jagged but moist and tasty. UGH! I put them on the other cake like puzzle pieces and try to piece it together with icing. I learn that most excitingly now do not have enough icing to go over the whole cake after fixing it. FUCK. Not a huge issue just an annoyance. Luckily I work in a grocery store so I grab my money and head out the things necessary to make more icing. It turns out absolutely perfect and then I have no trouble covering the kind of mangled cake. I even managed to make it look edible. (it's the cake on the left)

Cakes complete! Woohoo! I go to find the store director. Well he's in his office talking to someone. FINE. I occupy myself at the photo lab to see if I can get a couple of photos printed from Supergirl's birthday party. Not so much. After 20 minutes of trying to get the machine to work, it WON'T and I CAN'T so I go back to the bakery to wait. And wait. And wait. Finally I see the director emerge from his office and I start walking towards him. Before I can reach him to say "Yo, when are you going to judge my CAKE?!?!?!" he must have seen his shadow or something because he walked out the side door to go take his lunch! ARRGHH!

So I left. I left instructions with the other bakery person re the cakes. I left a message for the director. And I just fucking left the store to head home because the Tiny Terrorist would think I left THEM if I wasn't home when they got home. And now I'm home where I left all my chores and stuff undone to run do this contest. And I have very little patience left. *sheesh*

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