Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trying Tuesday

I guess things are better, I'm still emotionally wrung out. Last night I took my cat Dusty (actually K's cat, but like the kids we have joint ownership of the felines) to my aunt/the girls grandma, Dr. Grandma. Poor kitty has this lump on her side that kept getting BIG, and then it... eh... I'll spare you the disgusting details. Dr. Grandma is going to get Dusty (pictured above) fixed up at the vets and give her back to me. I'm thankful because I'm so fucking broke what with legal fees and car issues and buying food for the Tiny Terrorists that there was no way I could afford to take her to the vet. So... I begged and since she's awesome, she said yes. Now I wait to hear how my poor lumpy cat is doing.

Other than that... I'm stressed, very stressed. People are pissed at me, I'm over extended, not sleeping well and not eating. Life is GOOD! HAH! I worked today and don't feel like I got shit done (I didn't), AND one of my long time regular customers was unhappy with my work today. *sigh*

Speaking of work, here is the CAKE you want.. it's not disappointing at all (though one is just fucking weird looking, customer request).

So weird. This is white cake and has a strawberry filling, she wanted the dots on the side and wanted it to not look feminine. She specified exactly 6 strawberries were to go on it on the left hand side and the writing on the right - oh and the borders and writing are all done in fudge. I don't like writing in the fudge, it's thick and hard to control so the writing always looks sloppy.
This was in the case for about an hour. I put another one in that was pink and green dots and it sold today - I forgot to take photos of it.

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