Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Stuff

I have a bunch of cake photos which will make up for my lack of blog post as I don't really feel like talking about how I still feel like something had been ripped out of my heart leaving me with a huge void. How I feel terribly inadequate and unattractive. How shitty this past week has been, how I really do want to run away from my life, except that I'd still be me which would defeat the whole process. How I feel ignored and alone. How I'm still angry with K and am feeling taken advantage of. No, I'm not going to discuss any of that, it's pointless and really no one wants to listen to me whine, not even myself, so I'll just smile and you don't have to pretend you care. It's okay, I'm not comfortable discussing negative emotions, mom never approved of that. Let's move on.

Here's CAKE after all.
I may have already posted this photo. I don't really like it. I couldn't locate my wider white ribbon, I've misplaced it and am not motivated nor have time enough to search it out now.
A little something for Cinco de Mayo.
And more... because who can have a fiesta without CAKE???
This photo does not do this cake justice. It is utterly charming. The only thing that would have made it better is if the baby booties were pink.
A photo I was asked to duplicate as CAKE.
And the CAKE! (Yes I know the flowers aren't exact, but that is what the customer requested.)
This cake pisses me off. The woman came in with a plate - pink with paisleys on it and asked me to match the plate. We discussed the options and agreed on the pink base and the paisleys. When she picked up the cake, she didn't like the pink, she said it was too bright. It's a near match to the stupid plates. I wanted to tell her where she could put that cake, BUT I love my job so I didn't.
Another request to match something.
And the result. Minor color changes to avoid copyright infringement.
Which brings us to the first of the Catholic Cakes. This is my least favorite of all of them, which is not to say that I dislike this one at all, it's just not as FABULOUS as the others.
This one is my favorite, a first communion cake. Months ago I did this cake for her except in pink and white for a baby girl's baptism. I did this one a tad different and I love how it turned out.
I loved it so much I suggested to this person to have the Eucharist on their confirmation cake. I added a cross to the other side when they arrived as it looked really bare without it. They loved this cake.
My final cakes for Saturday. A match set.
The woman who ordered this was at the party with last weekends pink and black stacked gift cake. She loved it so much she came in to order her daughter's birthday cake and this is what she wanted.
This is the little one for the birthday girl. I love these cakes.

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