Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Like My Coffe With A Little Sugar and Crazy!

Yup, I'm still on the crazy side. It's a refreshing change from the usual morbid, morose, homicidal mood. Sadly, I know it's only temporary, though waking up a little insane every day would be entertaining. Now I know why Charles Manson does it every day.

Since it's temporary I wonder if I could get away with shit - say rob the WalMart of all the childen's chewable vitamins (the orange ones taste the best!) and just say it's because I was temporarily insane? "Sorry officer, I really didn't mean to KILL her persay, but I did warn everyone I was insane on the day in question. Read the blog, I posted it bright and early, he really should have known better than to withhold Krispe Kream's from a crazy fat chick. Can I go now?"

*wait! Be right back! The laundry calleth! Or maybe that was the Alien's pageing me on the intercom? Whatever, I must take care of this and be back in a moment. Hold that thought!*

*Back now, had a lively discussion with the Aliens who paged me. Funny thing is that I realized we don't have an intercom here and that buzz was in fact the dryer. I had been talking to the dryer vent the whole time and the voices in my head were answering! Don't you hate it when that happens??*

Yeah, so as I was saying, I'm going to make some HATS! Fun hats! But I can't tell you what they'll look like because I know you'd try to steal my most fabulous (and probably profitable) ideas like you did when I told you about that dress, and then you showed up at the party with the EXACT same dress (except yours was purple, and had sleeves and didn't look at all like a McDonald's bag like mine did)? Yeah well I remember and I just won't tell now. So don't ask. But you'll be jealous that you didn't think of it first. You are the one who decided to be sane today though.

So yeah, this coffee is good! Can I get you some?

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