Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fish Facts

Super Girl informed me today that she learned about fish today. A certain kind of fish. A SMACKER fish. To which I replied with giggles and playfully smacking her on the head and asking if it was a smacker like that. (Yeah I know you are shocked that someone with such low maturity is allowed to raise children.) The more she described the fish the more I was certain that she was mistaken by the name, yet when I asked her if the fish might be a sucker fish (as in an algae eater) she was adamant that it WAS a SMACKER fish. She went on to tell me about how she learned about snapping turtles and I asked her if may she meant a SNAPPER not a SMACKER – again, her insistence that it’s a SMACKER FISH. More giggling on my part.

If any of you can find me a photo (real one fuckers) of a SMACKER fish, I’m sure the offspring would burst with joy at being able to prove me wrong.

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