Friday, March 03, 2006

The Fun Just NEVER ENDS!

Mid day see seems fine. She naps her normal amount of time and seems okay. Then about 4 pm after she complains about her tummy hurting again, this time it seems quite sincere and not her normal Drama Queen act, instead of wanting to be held or getting special attention, she just wants to be left alone. 4:30 pm I start considering looking for coverage for work tomorrow instead of a baby sitter. K and I banter back and forth about what to do. 4:45 pm she stands up and chums right on the floor. Nothing like scrubbing vomit off the floor.

Well that settles the question of whether to take them to an actual DAY CARE for the weekend. Not only would it cost too much $80-90 for Saturday alone, but with a kid who might still be checkin’ the tires, it just wouldn’t work. Ahh, but ALL is not lost. My Bitch Petey has just earned himself some free garb. He will not only come GET the Tiny Terrorists but he will watch them tomorrow while K and I both work.

*update* Shit! It's like the fucking Exorcist! She just did it AGAIN!!! Where the hell did that come from!

*note:I totally stole the intersting phrasing for vomiting from my new favorite blog Living In A Dream. Go check her out, she's so fucking cool I wish she lived in town so we could get drunk together.

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