Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Fat Tuesday

I’m making gumbo and a King Cake for tonight. Although I don’t have a baby to put in the King Cake, so I may have to stuff a severed Barbie head in the cake to make do. I know, I know, the hair will make the cake taste funny so I’m fully prepared to use a Ken Doll head instead. Or maybe I’ll use a My Little Pony head and we can do it all Godfather like. Could be interesting if one of the Little People get it. Anyway, there should be massive amounts of leftovers of gumbo, if you want some… let me know. ;)

Sowing My Seeds

I went to buy seeds last night and there were none. This store carries a huge section of gardening things, but they don’t carry seeds! Last year they had a massive section of just SEEDS, but not this year. So no seeds. I realize it would be much more logical for me just to buy dirt and fill planters and leave it at that instead of my usual activities that involve me planting and nurturing only to be deeply disappointed at the lack of growing ability I possess. But NO, I will not be deterred from my pointless endeavor. It’s a tradition!

Club Choice

Saturday I was presented with a difficult choice – I was supposed to go game but mid day I was invited to go have girls night with my friends. Oh what a choice, to get my geek on or to get my freak on. I chose the club as we hadn’t been out since October! Luckily for me I still remembered how to dress like a slut and drink until drunk. The club was packed as there was some Mardi Gras celebration going on that night. The funniest thing was La SEG’s evil twin finding us then her talking like they were best friends from way back! It was funny and creepy – this chick just needed to dye her hair black and she would have completed the ‘twin’ look.

Anyway, I didn’t feel to bad about ditching a game because I had yet another game to be at on Sunday. I had to have balance ya know. My clubbing yin to my gaming yang. It’s all good.

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