Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Fun

Fun things of this morning:
3:30 am wake up by Cabbage Patch telling me her tummy hurt.
4 am wake up by my stomach because I was hungry
4:01 am realize that Cabbage Patch’s hurting tummy is probably just her being hungry, share a packet of Pop Tarts with her
4:18 am back to bed
6:15 am wake up to alarm stupidly set early by me, try to snooze until 6:30 am
6:20 am wake up to Super Girl super girl opening the door – everybody up!
6:20-7:30 am argue with offspring about leaving the exercise ball alone, eating their breakfast (a freaking Pop Tart! What kid has to be TOLD to eat a Pop Tart??), finding their own damn clothes to wear and getting dressed.
7:31 am discover a child induced baby powder snow storm has occurred in my bathroom and question the usual suspects.
7: 40 am shove kids out the door to take Super Girl to the bus stop (thank heavens at least ONE is in school all day!)
7:47 am wave by to Super Girl and drag Cabbage Patch back home
8:15 am listen to Cabbage Patch tell me about her hurting tummy again and realize that her eating so much macaroni and cheese and no veggies in the past couple of days means she probably needs to take a poop!
8:25 am can we say suppository?? Question why, oh why did this have to happen on MY WATCH? Why can’t it be her daddy having to deal with a constipated pre-schooler?
9 am putting in Sleeping Beauty for Cabbage Patch to watch while she lounges on the couch being a prima donna.

Okay, whatever, I’m tired just writing that. Thank goodness for nap time. Today is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to drag the offspring around the park a few times today.

This FABULOUS new job that K has is now posing new challenges – he’ll be working Saturdays until the end of tax season so now I have the fabulous task of trying to find someone to watch my progeny while we both work on Saturday. Ahhh what fun! Any volunteers? How would YOU like to have a fun filled day with MY offspring? *sound of crickets chirping* Yeah, that’s what I thought. My boss is going to have a cerebral hemorrhage if I can’t work tomorrow. *sigh*

Okay, enough whining – I’ll write something more coherent later, must work out now.

I'll leave you with a little something to make you smirk all day - Check out what Steven Segal is doing these days. Some peole just aren't ageing well. Gotta love this too!

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