Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blame Canada

K is an insane person… He just played a song on his cell phone and says “Do you recognize that song?” I listen for a moment and say “No, what is that?” and with utter surprise and amazement at my lack of knowledge of the song he says “It’s Oh Canada!” I blink twice hard and say “What the fuck makes you think I’d know Oh Canada?? I was born in LOUISANA not CANADA!” His response: “You had a friend you worked with who was Canadian!” Me: “It’s not like he came into work every morning singing the Canadian National Anthem.” As if that wasn’t enough, the youngest of my progeny pipes up “You lived in Canada?” I tell her no, mommy has NEVER lived in Canada. A few select words from K and Cabbage Patch burst out with “Liar! You did live in Canada!” Nothing I can say will dissuade her of this fact. And K, well he sees this as a great victory that one of my offspring believes I am Canadian. I think he needs to get out more.

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