Saturday, September 01, 2007

How I Look

I stole this from Bad Bad Bunny. Google the phrase "(Your name) looks like" and find the best one from the first page of results. Don't forget to put it in quotes, otherwise it won't work. Okay, so I did that and holy fuck! I laughed so hard milk almost came out of my nose and I haven’t even drank milk in MONTHS!

Here are my answers:

Judy looks like you captured a porkiepine puffer in your last post. (I don’t think that’s Kosher.)

Judy looks like she is having a very difficult time not bursting out laughing. (So true)

Judy looks like crying, that makes me a sista' draggin' caveman. (‘sista’ draggin’ caveman’? WTF?)

Judy looks like she doesn't understand. (A more true statement has not been made)

Judy looks like she's hoping that a casting director for the next Tarzan movie might happen by. (Uhh…. What?)

Judy looks like that duck is ready to attack your feet. (Aaackkk! Not a duck!)

Judy looks like she's about to cry and Richard's words hang in the air between them like a poisoned chalice. (Sheesh, he’s such a dick.)

Judy looks like fun in Sweden. (Baby, I look like fun ANYWHERE.)

Judy looks like she has been brought back from dead on a regular basis! (Oh fuck off)

Judy looks like a million dollars. (See I don’t look like the living dead!)

Judy, looks like they're gonna have to clean this area. (Well tell them to get on it! I’m tired of cleaning!)

Judy looks like she will get away with murder. (If only…)

Judy looks like a babbling idiot. (Ironically… I often am a babbling idiot.)

judy looks like a little angel. (awww you’re just saying that to get in my pants.)

judy looks like a monkey. (Not since having the tail removed.)

Judy looks like she is attending a wake not a romantic holiday with her husband. (ahhh… hmmm… GAY husband… what do you expect?)

Judy looks like Natalie Wood. (Before or after death?)

Judy looks like a very interesting piece of software. (Oh hell yeah!)

judy looks like the devil. (Oddly enough, I’ve heard that before.)

Judy looks like Sharon Osbourne. (Sheesh, I think I’d rather look like a monkey or the living dead)

Judy. Looks like you are going to be living on free dinners for a while when you get back. (Will this require me being on me knees a lot?)

Judy looks like she is in pain. (Probably from working on my knees.)

Judy looks a little petulant as she confesses, "It's hard for me.” (Well yeah, that’s why I was on my knees.)

And my favorite:

Judy looks like a crossdressing prostitute with implants. (Dude… implants?)

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