Saturday, March 29, 2008

All That Glitters...

Is probably some kind of Disney Princess monstrosity.

This is the Disney Princess monstrosity I created today. My offspring LOVED it. 

This cake got the second best reaction EVAH! This is a Star Wars Revenge of the Sith theme. The grandfather came to pick up the cake with the birthday boy's older brother. I showed gramps and brother the cake and the brother who was maybe 8 years old, he let out a loud gasp and nearly dropped the ball he was holding. I started laughing as did grandpa and brother said it was great. Have to thank my sweetie Stewart for the idea. Honestly I had no idea what to do since I've never seen the movie.
This is a lovely variation on my favorite baby shower cake. I like it so much I'm going to have the photo in my book changed to this. 

And this, a cat in rain boots and a tutu. A special request from the grandmother. 

Moving on...

Today at lunch I came home to my computer having blown it's power supply AGAIN. Damn. This is the third. In a couple of days it'll be headed back to the manufacturer to be fixed and hopefully it'll be back with me quickly. Thank goodness for warranties. Still, I'm irritated. And I'm quite certain that K is none to happy about sharing his computer... AGAIN. *sigh* oh well. 

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