Monday, March 24, 2008

Sneaky Evil Dairy!

Yesterday I made a most fabulous pot roast in a tasty mushroom gravy. I'm a Southern Girl, I loves me some gravy. I don't eat it often but damn I could eat it just about every day. Because I don't eat it often I forget that it usually has MILK in it. And that the instant (I love instant gravy) usually has lots of 'milk solids' in it. Last night I didn't sleep well, all today I wondered why I was so tired and felt kind of icky and sort of like I'd had some diary products. This evening it dawned on me "Oh hey, milk solids in the GRAVY stupid." Fuck, it's like a truly CRUEL joke since I have a deep affection for all things dairy. KARMA Why doth thou hate me so????

Okay enough bitching.

It's time for photos of CAKE! But since I didn't make anything fabulous today, it's photos of CAT! Woohoo! Which is almost as good as a CAKE but not edible or anything.

Here's Sunshine being attacked by a dino. A VERY VERY small dino.
And here she is after having decimated said dino. Notice the look of satisfaction.

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