Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chocolate Bunny Day Fun

After K left to spend the day with his boyfriend and family, I took tasty pot roast out of the fridge and got it ready to cook for dinner. Mmmmm... me loves some dead animal.

*Disclaimer* No actual POT in roast. Not approved for smoking... unless it's in a grill, not a pipe.
Then we did what every other Jewish kid is doing today! We colored eggs! And I just have to say - I LOVE to do this! K only cooked 2 dozen eggs so, we only had that many to do... minus three which we ate.
Here is Super Girl examining the shade of pink her egg has achieved.
Our lovelies. There was NO arguing or bloodshed during the egg coloring. Everyone - even ME took turns. You can see it but several of the eggs are multi colored. I wish I had bought eggs earlier in the week and actually emptied the shells but kept them intact. I would have LOVED to decorate them more. Seems kind of silly to take a great deal of effort with an egg you're just going to make egg salad out of.
After K returned home and we watched a Godzilla movie, I prodded K into hiding eggs for the Tiny Terrorists to find. It was hilarious. The eggs that they kept overlooking were the ones in plain sight. Like on the grill.
Or my personal favorite, hiding behind a lonely blade of grass next to a tree.

It was a lovely day. And ya know what's even BETTER? Spring Break is OVER! The Tiny Terrorists are BACK TO SCHOOL tomorrow! It's been kind of a shitty Spring Break for them what with them being sick for most of it and not being able to do squat. I'm sure they are looking forward to heading back to school.

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