Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Field Trip Day!

My oldest took a this photo of me before we left for her Girl Scout meeting. I kind of look like Cousin It.
Cabbage Patch saw this duck on the lake and yelled "Mom! Mom! It's that duck from the commerical! Aflak!"
Ahhh my field of flowers to run through. Well that's what I always tell the offspring that's what I'll do when they are gone for the day.
ME in the school cafeteria. I got to be the door person as the door would lock everyone out otherwise. Oh well, I had already taken many photos of flowers.

And speaking of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES *ahem* not that we actually were, BUT I just wanted to let all you locals know that Super Girl's troop will have 3 more cookie booths. So if you haven't ordered cookies or you need MORE cookies, let me know - I'll let you know where they'll be selling or you can just order through me.

Okay I'm off to bed now - got that work thing to do in the morning.

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