Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Attack Of The Angry Poodle Hair!

That would describe my hair today, a bad title to a bad B grade horror flick. No one famous would star in it, just maybe a couple of sad, dried up former child stars briefly out of rehab long enough to do one shooting and no scene reshoots because they’ll be back in rehab. Maybe I could get the Corey’s from the 80’s, it’s not like they are doing anything these days. Except maybe working at a local Burger King and checking in regularly with a probation officer. But I digress… as usual.

This morning I decided to enjoy the peace and solitude of being totally alone in my home in my room in my comfee and clean (sheets, comforter, pillow cases, pillows, everything sanitized) bed and didn’t get up until 8 am. I washed my hair as I didn’t want the nasty cigarette stink from the bar to linger with me all day and put in my BRAND NEW hair stuff that’s actually some stuff I used to use but lost track of because they changed the packaging and then the store I used to buy it in stopped carrying but not really they just MOVED it because it had a new bottle and I didn’t realize it because I don’t always pay that close attention to stuff like that… Can we say ADD??? Anyway, I found it again, but didn’t realize it was IT until I looked closely at the bottle of de-frizzing shine stuff and realized it was THE BRAND I love, so I bought two bottles and vowed to go back and buy the other 998 bottles to stash under my sink for a rainy day (which is when my hair usually frizzes the worst) . So um.. yeah… back to what I was saying…

I get breakfast and coffee and get on the computer to waste some time while I let my hair dry for a bit, then get slightly bent because someone makes a comment to me that’s not exactly what I want to hear but what the fuck ever, I don’t control the universe otherwise brown cows would give chocolate milk and the black and white ones would give coffee with cream. But yeah, bad mood because I’m a baby, no other reason. Because it’s COLD outside I decide to blow dry my hair which is a total and complete mistake as my hair has taken on double it’s normal volume. I have ENORMOUS hair and it’s making me look like a giant angry red poodle. Fuck, somebody throw me a bone!

Off to work which is just fine at the first hospital giving me a false sense of security for the rest of my work day. I get to the hospital and have more discharges than I anticipated because some people are stupid and can’t mark a chart correctly. Whatever. I dash out and take one set of photos – PERFECT. Go to the next – decline. The next I go to take the fucking camera won’t focus. At all. I spend an extra hour in this person’s room trying to get it to work and it won’t. The shots are perfect until you blow them up to see the detail and they are fuzzy. DAMN. I call my manager and get her voice mail, I call the other photographer and get her voice mail also. Oh and I got a call from one of the other photographers at one of my other hospitals and THAT whole system is broken so worky-worky for me. Damn.

So yeah, crappy day… and I’m totally out of CAKE! Well I’m going to go take a nap now and hope the rest of the day doesn’t SUCK (although it probably will).

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