Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Candy Stalker Letter

A couple of years ago as my sister and I sat around contemplating the candy hearts (ew) and the idiotic messages on them, we realized that the messages were rather bizarre and stalkerish. More discussion followed and it was decided that we would use the message hearts to compose a stalker letter to the man I was interested in at the time (Let’s just call him Minute Man… and not because he did historical reenactments… but because it’s some how kinder than calling him Little Richard *ahem* Think about it, it will come to you… another word for little… another name for Richard). After much laughter and a fine tipped ink pen, we pieced together this work of art:

Dear One (fill in name here);
I will kill one of us (you), if you don’t return my love. I love you. Sure love. Be True. Romeo.
We are meant to be, you and me. I heart you. Call me. IM me. Hug me. At least Write me. What’s Up? I have a gun and a halogen high beam. If I can’t have you Romeo, no one else can. It’s true. Love you. Love Me. Let it be. Be good. Love me. I will look for you. To remember you love me. Marry me. You are all mine Romeo. Ask me (blurred from here). Love me. PS. I’m pregnant and (blurred). One love. It’s yours. If you don’t have a will, you better get one.

Love, Me

Luckily I never did send that letter and no one ate the hearts. Still it’s a fabulous craft to do with those nasty tasting too hard to eat message hearts.

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