Thursday, February 16, 2006

Multi-tasking At It's Best

The Cure

So today I was having a discussion with A Friend who happened to mention that she was so thrilled that her homeopathic remedy that she had recently started taking. I asked her what she was taking and what it was for and then she became decidedly VAGUE about both. I pressed the subject as I'm an dick some days.

With much reluctance she told me that she was taking this stuff for a bad case of 'roids. To which my totally mature and adult side took a vacation and the juvenile idiot within started to LAUGH. Loudly. Then I asked her WHAT she was taking. She indicated she was taking the above pictured pills.

Hylands #1, Calc. Fluor. 6X, which is for (wait for it...)

Colds, Hemorrhoids and Chapped Skin

I almost peed on myself laughing! Talking about a multi-symptom elixer! My friend didn't understand what I found so damn funny and I told her that at no time had I ever read on the back of Nyquil to slap some of that on my ass to take care of my 'roids or to rub any of it on my dry skin! Damn! How do you MARKET that??? AND WHO decided to put all that together to make a sale? Some guy with a bad cold, sore as and flaky skin? How did he make the connection? "Hey, I just started taking these pills and hmmmm... my cough is better, my ass doesn't hurt and my skin is now nice and supple! I need to sell that!"


Love the indications:
Relief of symptoms of cold with thick, greenish discharge. Relieves the symptoms of itching and BURNING PAINS due to hemorroids. Relieves the symptoms of chapped and cracked skin.

My friend thinks I'm a bitch now (she's right) but she DID take the above photos for me because deep down she knows this shit is funny.

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