Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Left Overs

Since I've consumed all of the left over candy in my 'celebrating' last night (chill it was only 4 pieces), all I'm left with is some links for you.

Probably the BEST photo EVER!

The BEST Valentine EVER! (this one would be for my Valentine if it weren't BOB)
Or maybe THIS one. Just kidding! I turned off the hidden cameras in your home days ago!

Of course THIS one is probably more true than I care to believe.
Luckily (or just pathetically) THIS one is true.

Ahhh but a more true statement could not be said than THIS.
(check out all of the fabulous Anti Valentine Cards here.)

So now that we've gotten V-Day out of the way it's time to start planning for March 14th! Steak and BJ Day! I'm here to help anyone in the planning or implementation of this day - ladies if you need any HELP, Let me know, I would be glad to help out in this area. Guys, if you want to share this 'special' day with me, well send me a note (I have a careful screening process for this!). Mark your calenders everyone! No one wants to be caught with their pants down on March 14th!... or... well... okay, I guess they do... whatever.

Okay, that's all for now. I must go do something with the crazy circus midget I call my child and get a shower before calling to BEG my father in law to do a favor for me.

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