Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Day Off... Or NOT

Today was to be my day off but I got called in because someone was sick. I eroniously thought I'd be at work for a mere 1 hour - from 9 until 10 am so I wasn't very concerned with it. In fact I didn't even consider doing any 'REAL' work. I just replaced the pretty blue cake that got bought yesterday (the one I just put in yesterday) with another pretty blue cake nearly identical to yesterdays cake. Why nearly identical? Because I liked that cake! So anyway, at 10 past 10 am I thought I must have misunderstood what was said to me and maybe I should look at the schedule. Ah-HA! I discovered that I am indeed an idiot and I would be working until 1 pm. Hmmmm... damn. That's half my day GONE! And here I was thinking I'd get some stuff done around the house. So far that's two days in a row that has happened to me. Oh, yes, two days. Let me tell you about yesterday (since today was really kind of boring as far as work goes and I'm not going to go into graphic detail on the masturbation part)...

Yesterday was Tuesday and not just any Tuesday it was SUPER TUESDAY. Now just the name here conjures exciting images of Super Heroes and FUN stuff and maybe even cupcakes! But lo, that is an incorrect image because Super Tuesday is a misleading name for it is not SUPER in the least (It is in fact a Tuesday though), and there are no Super Heroes or even anyone dressed in a funny costume (except me who was dressed in the most appalling trailer trash ensemble EVEAH!) and definitely NO CUPCAKES. So basically it sucks. And let me tell you just HOW much it sucked for ME. Ya see, K happens to be a rather politically active gay man. I know, that just sounds like an oxymoron. Politically active and gay man just don't go together, maybe fashion forward and gay man, but when discussing K THAT would be FALSE. But I digress, yet again...

K arrived home at 6:30 pm and said "Come on, let's go vote." And I sighed a big sigh and looked for some shoes to put on. K asked me if I wanted to stay for the Calculus or something like that that happens after voting and it sounded much to complicated and mathmatical to me so I said NO. Besides, I had stuff to do. I had dinner to make. I had batteries to wear out. I put on my boots and a hoodie and off we went, this wouldn't take more than 20 minutes and I could look like trailer trash for 20 minutes. We all piled into the car and headed not towards the Senior Center where we have always voted but to the court house where K says we voted before but I think the voices in his head told him to say that. Hmmm I started to regret my unfortunate clothing choice. We got to the court house and circled the parking lot. I began to see that this was going to take longer than 20 minutes and more than just some old people would be subjected to my frightening apparel. Damn.

We found a place to park in an adjacent parking lot and went to find the end of the extremely long line. What FUN! It was 6:45 pm and still more people showed up.

Now I'm going to fast forward and just hit the hight lights to save you from falling into a coma right there on your keyboard. We stood in line, we discussed everything from work to weather, I gave K the evil eye for making me vote, the kids whined, I played a couple of games on my phone, I took photos of whining children, Super Girl whined herself into a weeks worth of grounding, we got hungry, the tiny terrorists got hungry and really whiney and we finally voted. All total it took 2 fucking hours of my life. Sheesh.

Now for CAKE!!

Not the same cake as yesterday.
Close though.

And this is what happens when you just leave me to my own devices and leave me with instructions like "Some pink and kind of classy... Happy Birthday Mother."

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