Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow AGAIN??

This morning was a perfectly lovely morning. I can't say the same for this afternoon. Because I don't watch the news and generally only check the weather in the morning to see if I need to wear a coat or not, I had no idea it was supposed to get NASTY. Mid day the company health inspector came through and said it was POURING outside and supposed to snow. I was all WHAT? And I was all WHAT? for a good reason - I was about to be leaving work and heading home. See, me working yesterday meant that if I worked all day today and all day tomorrow I MIGHT end up going over 40 hours and that's just FORBIDDEN. But whatever, let's go back to me having to walk home in the RAIN. Luckily by the time I left work it was no longer raining.

It was SLEETING! Woohoo! (Yes I know I am a dipshit for taking a shitty photo of me in the sleet, but whatever! I was already in the cold so why not?) A little note about sleet - it STINGS when it hits you in the face (note the pained expression).

Within an hour of getting home it was SNOWING. Big fat fluffy wet flakes.
Oh yeah, other not so thrilling things that happened today - I burnt my hand making donuts this morning (not bad but ouchie!) and I pinched my arm while getting supplies (OUCH!) so I was afraid to use a knife for fear of cutting off my foot or something.


K got off work early because of the weather and he picked up the Tiny Terrorists from school just for safety. The the Tiny Terrorists were THRILLED with the snow and had to go out and play in the slushy white stuff until their little toes and fingers were cold and red. Now we are playing a game while dinner cooks. Yes I am playing a board game and blogging. I've played this game many many times so I can give it just a fraction of my attention. Yes I suck.

Speaking of games... HAH! You thought I was going going to say speaking of SUCKING! You perv. Anyway, games... yeah. Last night my sweetie Sarge whipped my ass at Magic. Twice and I enjoyed it very much. I really love to find a game that's hard for me to win. And this game, well I'm unfamiliar with it so it's HARD, which makes me want to play it MORE. And wow, a guy who plays games and can beat me at them - that's fucking HOT. Yes, I know, I am a geek, I just equated playing games with hotness, I won't go into how discussing comic books or Torchwood/Dr.Who/Star Trek makes me want to rip his clothes off him and do naughty things.

And I left with another Godzilla movie.

The FIRST (actually it's the second, which is an adaptation for American viewers of the first, Gojira) - Godzilla King Of The Monsters with Raymond Burr. No really, Raymond Burr is in this movie. It rocks!

My youngest is insane, the cat is meowing at K in the kitchen and Cabbage Patch is saying "This is not a restaruant." to the cat. What?

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