Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow Day! Snow Day! Snow Day!

This morning I was greeted with this sight:

Isn't it beautiful! Normally I'm not too keen on snow as it often causes the offspring to miss school and the roads to ice up so that I hyperventilate at the thought of driving... and sliding on ice... and crashing into things... like I've done before.

Not so today! The schools were delayed 2 hours, of which I didn't have to deal with because I had to be at work at 7 am! Meaning I had to leave for work just 15 minutes after they got up! Woohoo! I of course scored major points with them this morning by letting them go play in the snow RIGHT after they got up. I figured it was only fair since most of the snow would be melted by the time they got home.

It was an absolutely fabulous walk into work also. A lot of people were not on the roads because it was a little icy so it was peaceful and I got to put my footprints in the snow first. I only wish I'd had the time to throw snow balls at my offspring.

Now for CAKE!!
This is my favorite cake for today. Someone came in and ordered a cake for a coworker who just got back from eloping. That totally rocks.
She wanted it to look special, sort of wedding-ish and maybe some pastel pink if a color.
I liked the pink so much I did a similar one in blue.
This one is in the display case now. Wonder if it'll still be there on Thursday when I go back to work.

Speaking of work, things have settled down. The new store director seems to be nice and very active in the store. This is good, maybe the store will start showing a profit again.

Eh, whatever, I have to go do laundry.

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