Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I HEART Godzilla!

I have ALWAYS loved Godzilla. As a small child my mother would take me to watch Godzilla movies while my siblings did that school thing. The best part was that the movies were in Japanese. One time I along with a group of small Asian children got in trouble for spitting Jujubes at the screen. Heh, I was a rebel even back then.

Last week I borrowed Godzilla Vs Mothra from my sweetie Sarge. The first of many that shall be borrowed... and probably burned for myself... er... for an *cough* archival copy *cough*. Sunday night I discovered that my love of all things Godzilla is genetic and was encoded on the DNA I contributed to each of my progeny. The Tiny Terrorists were mesmerized by the movie. And my love for them swelled. Where as K tempted me to poison him by besmirching my beloved monster. We had a conversation that went something like this*:

Cabbage Patch: Is Godzilla good or bad?
Me: He's good!
K: He's a force of nature, he's not good.
K: Force of nature.
Super Girl: Is he good or bad?
Me: He's good. He doesn't mean to tear up all that stuff, it's just... in his way. See he's just hungry and BIG so those houses and stuff are like your toys on the floor in your room, he can't help but step on them.
K: He's a force of nature, he isn't good.
Me: Shut your pie hole. You are talking to a woman who has an inflatable Godzilla in her closet. I've had him longer than I've had you so guess who means more to me.
K: And he's still in the closet.

The best part of the evening (aside from me picturing K with a large knife sticking out of his head) was at the end when Cabbage Patch said "That was a GREAT movie!" I couldn't agree more. Godzilla ROCKS! I'm going to borrow another Godzilla movie tomorrow.

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