Monday, March 03, 2008

More CAKE!

Ahhh lovely daffodils. I'm really pleased with how this cake came out.
My best basket yet!
Purple flowers... again.


The Tiny Terrorists are going on about Dr. Suesse and how it's his 102 birthday or something. They are are listing off all the Dr. Seuss titles they can think of... and not entirely correct, but amusing none the less. Super Girl just said 'There's a Weasel in My Pocket' which made me snicker and think of boys I dated in high school. Then there was 'Martin Hears a Who', which I corrected her that it's HORTON who heard the who. She contemplated for a moment then in a very serious and questioning tone she said "But who does he hear?"

hehehe... and I just over heard Cabbage Patch say (for her doll of course) "When I break it, I fix it." tehehe! As if!

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