Sunday, March 02, 2008

Letters From The Edge... of Sanity

Dear Dryer;

First of all, thank you for drying all those clothes I keep stuffing into you! That's so damn cool! Thanks!

Secondly, WTF? Seriously, WTF? Last night I opened you up and pawed around in you searching out my pink socks and I could not find them, they were NOT in there. Today, I open you up to remove clothes and what do I see? My pink knee socks, both of them. What the fuck are you trying to pull? Not funny. BUT I'll forgive you and take this (the fact that you returned BOTH of my socks to me) as a sign of you wanting to be buddies again. I still like you.

Now the real question is if you are going to return the other million or so socks you've stolen over the years? and what about that cool dress of mine? I can't PROVE that you took it, but I strongly suspect you had a hand... er... door?... in it's dissapearance. Is this truce to be permanent or are you just trying to lure me in so you can do something truly heinous?


yes people I really did just stop doing laundry to write this. ADD rules!

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